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We’ve always told you that Goodbye Malaria was started by an African-led group of BIG dreamers. It is our dream to live in a malaria-free Africa – and it’s completely within our reach. In fact by 2030 we have set our sights on becoming malaria-free. We draw our inspiration from other countries and great leaders, with Sri Lanka being the latest continent to be declared free of malaria by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Just like Africa, they too were one of the most affected nations in the world. WHO grants malaria-free certification when a country has proven that the chain of local transmission has been interrupted nationwide for at least three consecutive years. The final recorded case of local #malaria transmission in Sri Lanka took place in 2012. 

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This gif below visually demonstrates how the continent has eradicated malaria between 1999 and 2003. Congratulations Sri Lanka!  Africans, together we can be the generation to end malaria, for good!

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