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Chaka Chaka is Way More Than Just a Musician

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South African musician and activist, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, who will  be a recipient of the BET International Global Good Power Award later this month – said disseminating information had always been at the core of the work that she did.

The BET’s award will have little to do with the music that she has produced but more to do with the work she has done to try and improve the health of Africans. However, Chaka Chaka reminds South Africans that fighting for important causes had always been a significant part of who she was, even when she was ‘just a songstress’.

“You know, when I started singing, for me it was all about disseminating information,” Chaka Chaka told the SABC.

“It was all about showing the atrocities that were happening in my country, as a South African. When I finally got this platform, I thought this is a great, great platform, to be able to do those things and be able to help,” added Chaka Chaka.

Chaka Chaka is fondly known as the Princess of Africa, the darling of the continent’s music industry. She says she has always seen it as her duty to give back in the way that she has, whether it be through her music or by being active on the ground.

“And for me, these people buy my records. These are the people who elevate me and make me what I am,” added Chaka Chaka.

“So, what do I do return? I decided you know, because I have got the platform. When I go and perform I have got crowds, but what do I do in return for these crowds aswell? So, doing all the work that I do has just been amazing. It has been a long walk to freedom, and you see good and bad. ”

At this juncture, Chaka Chaka works with the Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB and Malaria (the latter being very close to her heart). She is also  involved with the United Nations MDG Envoy in Africa and is a Goodwill Ambassador.Image title

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