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Goodbye Malaria’s IEC Soccer and Art Programme

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Goodbye Malaria proudly partnered with the Kinglsey Holgate Foundation to introduce a fun and educational initiative involving soccer and art to the children of Namaacha, a district we will start spraying in August 2017. What makes this initiative particularly unique is that it follows the IEC (Information, Education and Communication) approach, involving the communities which we operate in.

The definition of IEC, is an approach which attempts to change and reinforce a set of behaviour in a target audience regarding malaria. Embodied in IEC is the process of learning that empowers people to make decisions, modify behaviours and change social conditions. Through the IEC process, Goodbye Malaria aims to creates awareness, increases knowledge and change attitudes about malaria and our malaria spray prevention programme. The process is inexpensive, and ensures a feedback mechanism.

The initiative not only creates awareness of our malaria programme, but also educates the children about malaria, how our Indoor Residual Spray (IRS) activities work, and who our Spray Operators are before they start coming into their districts from August 2017.

The Goodbye Malaria Spray Operators are also locals who live in the same communities as these children, but nevertheless need to be properly introduced in order to develop a level of trust and understanding of their work. It is also important that the children understand the Spray Operators intention to protect them from malaria, a disease that can be fatal if not treated.

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Tchau Tchau Malaria: Namaacha Children

Because of your support, we are able to protect these beautiful children and their families from malaria. This video is from an incredible morning we spent in Namaacha, introducing Goodbye Malaria and the soccer and art programme to the children.

Watch how excited the children were, as they sing Tchau Tchau Malaria (Goodbye Malaria)

How We Communicated Through Soccer

The Goodbye Malaria Spray team and community leaders in Mozambique used the popular game of soccer as an IEC method of Communication, teaching the young learners that just as communication is an essential component in every successful soccer team, it is also the glue that holds the Goodbye Malaria Spray Team together and enables them to do their job effectively - because they are well organised. We also showed in the game how communication can also be a form of motivation if done properly.

While community leaders and Goodbye Malaria spray operators played soccer with the children, they used every opportunity to teach them about teamwork and leadership roles. Similarly, how sometimes it is the player with the ball who will speak, the rest of the team player's contribution to the game is equally important. The players without the ball have the better view of all the action taking place on the field. The IEC approach also showed the children how it is necessary to be confident on the field, and in their job, which can only come from knowing what you are doing. Those with a calm and assertive presence can be a better team player when things get difficult. This also helps your other team players to trust you.

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Soccer Programme

How gorgeous, right? We hosted a soccer competition with the Kingsley Holgate Foundation for the children in Namaacha, one of our spray districts in Mozambique, while creating awareness about our malaria prevention porgramme.

Below the team in green were the winners, and the man of the match received a bicycle.


How We Educated Through Art

The Goodbye Malaria team and Kingsley Holgate used art to educate the children of Namaacha in Mozambique about malaria. The enthusiasm the children showed will never leave us! Using the unique language of art and pictures motivated them to understand and appreciate what the Goodbye Malaria team do in order to protect them from malaria. While not all children may be able to draw, they can express themselves artistically through colours and pictures.

The pictures we received from the children were bright, colourfully and so beautifully decorated, and the children were so proud of their efforts. They could take their pictures home to their parents and grandparents to show off their creativity that many of them had never seen before in their children.

Who said you can't learn AND have fun?

Children in Namaacha, Mozambique (one of our spray districts) showing off their art 'Tchau Tchau Malaria' - Goodbye Malaria! Thank you Kingsley Holgate Foundation for this awesome initiative.

- Bottom left: Amelia Lucas Machauma holding up her certificate as the winner of our art competition

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