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Mandela Bikers play their part in Mpumalanga

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The Greater Rape Intervention Programme (GRIP) in Mpumalanga, has encouraged young women to report cases of abuse.

GRIP says it is worrying that some women are still reluctant to report cases of abuse or rape.

On the same note, the Mandela Bikers together with different stakeholders as well as the SABC Foundation refurbished a place in Barberton where rape survivors and abused victims are being assisted.

Mercy Dube, a rape survivor says, “First and second time when I was raped I didn't get justice and I could not report because I grew up as a child with low self-esteem and at home I didn't have that close relationship with my parents so it was difficult to open up.”

“I would handle the situation in a different way and very bad way that I ended up becoming a party animal dropping out of school,” adds Dube.

After getting some help she now has the courage to stand up and encourage other rape survivors.  

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On Saturday, the Mandela Bikers will be in Mozambique where they will meet up with the Goodbye Malaria team

She says organisations like GRIP are playing a crucial role in assisting abused victims and rape survivors.

Dube's call for help has been heard.

The Bikers also donated R50 000 to GRIP.

GRIP-Coordinator in Barberton, Lindiwe Ripinga says they are grateful for the present they have received in the name of Mandela.  

They have also received gifts worth over R80 000.

SABC Acting Group Executive Television, Sully Motsweni says their main aim is to bring hope to victims of violence.

“We felt the need to be supportive to the women and children of GRIP. We brought them comfort packs as you can see for those children who suffer from sexual abuse. Over years we have seen the scourge in the country that is not getting better and this year we partnered with Bikers for Mandela Day. We are donating fridges, cutlery, television sets, and toys for the children who end up finding themselves in the unfortunate situation of being abused,” says Motsweni.

On Saturday, the Mandela Bikers will be in Mozambique where they will meet up with the Goodbye Malaria team.

Their main aim will be to raise awareness around the fight against Malaria on the continent. 

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