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My PR - World Malaria Day

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Save a Life in your Sleep for World Malaria Day on Saturday

Imagine an African continent where children under 5 and pregnant mothers were not severely threatened by death because of Malaria? Where a child didn’t die every 60 seconds from this disease and job creation at a grassroots level was continual, not seasonal.

It is within our reach.

Malaria is treatable, preventable and can be eliminated in our lifetime. And with World Malaria Day almost upon us, this Saturday 25th April, it’s time to save lives. Meet Goodbye Malaria, an initiative by African entrepreneurs and a genuine force for good, taking our greatest strength as Africans, creativity, to solve one of Africa’s biggest problems.

The Numbers

Malaria affects 50% of the world today. Since October 2013 Goodbye Malaria has protected more than 120 000 people in Mozambique’s Boane province by spraying more than 35,000 homes, reducing Malaria in this area by 67%.

The People

Goodbye Malaria has the partners, the people and the passion to make a (real) difference. Our many friends, heroes and partners provide the funding, resources and strategic direction so we can stand strong together to say: “Goodbye Malaria” in as many colourful languages and by as many engaging means to rid us of malaria, once and for all!

TOGETHER we can say goodbye ? totsiens – tchau tchau ? hamba kahle ? au revoir ? adios to Malaria.

Join the Fight against Malaria for World Malaria Day

Goodbye Malaria started off the week with the launch of its new website and online shop On Wednesday MiCasa – Goodbye Malaria Brand Ambassador represented by J’Something – raced against the clock (and the Gogos from Noluthando 1 Senior Citizens Club) at the Beading for Malaria Challenge. In 24 minutes (representing 24 hours in the daily fight against Malaria), 899 bracelets were beaded. The sale of these bracelets will fund the spraying of 1,797 homes and potentially protect 5,391 lives.

Today, Thursday, Goodbye Malaria released brand ambassador Kingsley Holgate’s inspiring YouTube video on World Malaria Day. Kingsley has had Malaria 50 times. Yvonne Chaka Chaka, another Goodbye Malaria brand ambassador, is a tireless malaria warrior, Princess of Africa and deeply committed to Africa and the Goodbye Malaria Program.

How can YOU make a difference TODAY?

Goodbye Malaria’s online shop sells Shwe Shwe Lounge Pants, Mashozi Bears and Bracelets proudly made by Africans – the proceeds directly fund Goodbye Malaria’s proven elimination spray program. “The Shwe Shwe Pants come in five afrocentric colours and sell for R350 each – they’re the perfect gift and can be purchased online,” says Robert Brozin, founder of both Goodbye Malaria and Nando’s. “You are also invited to join us this weekend in Fourways, Jo’burg for the launch of the Ingénuité store in Montecasino, which will sell our Shwe Shwe pants so you too can save a in your Sleep!”
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A big Thank You to My PR for featuring Goodbye Malaria for World Malaria Day.

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