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Roodepoort Northsider - World Malaria Day

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The world is yet again commemorating World Malaria Day on 25 April.

Goodbye Malaria, an initiative by African entrepreneurs and an arguably genuine force for good, will be held at Montecasino to help solve one of Africa’s biggest problems.

ER24 has also joined the awareness campaign.

Er24 spokesperson Chitra Bodasing said, “Malaria is a disease caused by a parasite, called plasmodium, which is transmitted to people by the female anopheles mosquito.”

Bodasing explained, “The parasites multiply rapidly in the liver and red blood cells of the infected person.”

She advised that it is vital for people to take medication prior to visiting a high-risk area to reduce chances of being infected.

Bodasing stated that people who are at a higher risk of being infected by malaria include young children as well as pregnant women and people from non-endemic areas.

“Symptoms present one to two weeks after a person is infected and symptoms may include fever, headaches, chills, joint pain, dizziness and vomiting.”

She further advised that when people experience some or all of the symptoms to visit a doctor immediately.

Meanwhile, in an effort to fight the life-threatening disease, last month, Minister of Science and Technology Naledi Pandor inaugurated a cleanroom at Mintek’s Nanotechnology Innovation Centre in Praegville – where illnesses such as malaria, TB, and HIV/Aids can rapidly be diagnosed.

What to do when you visit affected countries.

• Wear long-sleeved clothing and long pants especially at dusk and dawn when mosquitoes are most active.

• Use insect repellents that are available in the form of lotion and spray.

• Close doors and windows between dusk and dawn.

• Use a mosquito net.
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A big Thank You to Roodepoort Northsider for featuring Goodbye Malaria for World Malaria Day.

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