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SME South Africa - World Malaria Day

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A group of social entrepreneurs are working on ending malaria on the African continent.

The initiative, Goodbye Malaria was co-founded by Robbie Brozin who is also the founder of Nandos, one of South Africa's most successful fast food franchise chains, together with other malaria advocates Sherwin Charles, David Stern and Kim Lazarus, among others.

Malaria remains a huge challenge on the continent with about 90% of malaria deaths occurring in Africa, with six countries on the continent accounting for 47% of all cases globally.

Malaria affects more than 200 million people, and kills an estimated 655 000 people across the world each year.

Goodbye Malaria helps to raises funds that support on-the-ground malaria elimination programs in Mozambique, including spraying houses to protect families from contracting malaria.

The organisation also seeks to inspire people to join the fight against malaria.

The challenge

Recently the organisation spearheaded the Goodby Malaria Challenge held on 25 April which is World Malaria Day. The beading initiative was held in collaboration the men and women of the Noluthando 1 Senior Citizens Club in Crossroads.

During the challenge the teams beaded as many bracelets as they could in 24 minutes, representing 24 hours in the fight against malaria.

The colourful red, yellow, amber and orange armbands are integral to the charity’s “Goodbye Malaria” campaign which, to date, has seen more than 30 000 homes sprayed in Boane in Mozambique, helping safeguard the lives of more than 120 000 people.

The bracelets threaded will go on sale at Due South stores, raising a projected R30 000, which will translate to 1 800 homes being sprayed.

Goodbye Malaria is supported by creative activists as the intrepid traveller and malaria ambassador, Kingsley Holgate; and legendary Yvonne Chaka Chaka; and prominent South African house band MiCasa.
A big Thank You to SME South Africa for featuring Goodbye Malaria for World Malaria Day.

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