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You can't deny that Nando's know how to pull off an unforgettable lunch :-)

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When Nando's Australia recently moved into new shared office space at The Hub, they decided to use the opportunity to raise funds for Goodbye Malaria. Instead of the $10 fee that people usually pay for lunch, Nando's hosted the event and the money went directly to helping us fight malaria and support local enterprise development. They raised $700 for Goodbye Malaria and sold so many of our cool bracelets to their colleagues friends and supporters.Find out more below:

Feedback from Nando’s Australia:

We recently moved into a new shared office space called The Hub. One of the regular events they hold is what they call their ‘Mixed Bag Lunch’. They usually hire someone to come in and make a fresh lunch, at a cost of $10 each for those who wish to take part (for ingredients, cooking, etc). We asked if we could hold one of these lunches ourselves, which The Hub team readily agreed! However, we wanted to use this opportunity to raise awareness for Goodbye Malaria. 

For the event itself, rather than have the $10 go towards the cost of running it, all funds went directly towards Goodbye Malaria. Just to give you an idea of the popularity of the day; The Hub said they only usually get between 15-25 people on average. On the day we had to stop people taking part at 44! We would have done more but not enough people signed up in advance. Those 44 people not only donated extra monies towards Goodbye Malaria, but some also purchased merchandise. The Goodbye Malaria bracelets were especially popular and now sit pride-of-place at The Hub’s front desk, for visitors to see.

At last count, we not only raised just short of $700 on the day, but we also raised awareness of the cause to a great many people, some of whom we are now consulting with to see how they can help us further.

Below are some photos from the day:

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