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Goodbye Malaria Pyjama Pants Regular fit

US$ 28.50

Goodbye Malaria’s funky PJ’s are made from 100% cotton, super-soft pyjama fabric - available in five afrocentric colours and stylish enough to wear from the bedroom to the boardroom. Our symbolic logo - a citronella flower proven to be a natural insect repellent - has been cleverly incorporated into the design of the iconic shwe shwe fabric, and a secret compartment was created in our pants as a surprise and delight! Your PJ’s are delivered to your door in a memorable Goodbye Malaria gift box, and safely enclosed in a keepsake bag re-used for storing your slippers, shoes or any bits and bobs.

Save a life in your sleep - get your pair today!

Unisex size chart:

Image title*Please take into account that waistband is fully elasticated so allow for about 3 cm less in waist size when selecting your perfect size.



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