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Goodbye Malaria
student ambassador program

We are looking for creative, mission-oriented college students to join our fight and help us say goodbye to malaria in Africa. Through sustained efforts malaria elimination is possible in our lifetime. If you share our passion and belief that through innovative ideas and we can drive awareness for social change in the world, we would like you to join us as a Goodbye Malaria Ambassador.

To become anambassador we need to you to come up with a creative campaign that spreads the word that Malaria is preventable and elimination is possible.

"If you think you are too small to make a difference, you haven’t spent the night with a mosquito"
– African proverb

  • Engage your student organization to spread the word about Goodbye Malaria
  • Start a Goodbye Malaria Ambassador Organization at your school
  • Design your own Goodbye Malaria Ambassador Bracelets
  • Raise funds for our fight by selling African handcrafted bracelets
  • Coordinate fundraising and promotional events
  • Partner with and give to local charities with your Goodbye Malaria bracelet sales
  • Join our social media campaigns with our celebrities ambassadors
  • Wear, promote and represent the Goodbye Malaria brand

"Today, mosquito-borne diseases such as Zika and Malaria are the number one killer of children in Africa."

  • Empower Women in Africa by creating job and training opportunities with each bracelet sold
  • Support both local and global social causes
  • Gain valuable professional marketing and business development experience
  • Increase your organization’s and university's global presence
  • Rid the world of the greatest killer of children in Africa
  • Win cool prizes while you make a difference in the world

How to become an ambassador

  • 1 Share the Goodbye Malaria Ambassador Program with your student organization
  • 2 Submit your organization’s operational, marketing and sales strategies to the Goodbye Malaria team
  • 3 Buy your first batch of Goodbye Malaria bracelets
  • 4 Launch your first campaign to bring exposure to our initiative and drive sales
  • 5 Track your progress in meeting and surpassing your sales goals
  • 6 Support our cause by wearing Goodbye Malaria branded gear and promoting Goodbye Malaria online
  • 7 Encourage students, staff and alumni take and post pictures wearing the bracelets

We want the best of the best to join us in Africa!

In addition to campaign giveaways, top performers will have the opportunity to win a trip to Africa to see how your efforts have changed lives. Your passion drives change and we would like you to see it first hand.


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